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Reviews for "Eric Freeman - Sam"

Powerful, Emotional, Beautiful...

Sometimes the trials life takes us through help us grow, and in many more ways than one. Many times loss, heartbreak, and emotional devastation can really inspire some brilliant music. This piece is no exception...

The string ensemble and powerful drum beats really sound great here.
The piano samples and melodies sound crisp and clean.
The airy bass-sounding pads also really helped with the progression of the build nicely.

Couple things I would have done differently with this one though.
After the climax The drums you used sound kinda fake, and don't really drive the beat too well.
Take another look at the mastering after the break as well!
Some parts are slightly clipping.

This song is very well done, and definitely an underdog submission!
Great Effort!
~Dj Sonik

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Emotional sadness

Well this is a very sad feeling piece of work I think. The piece just makes you feel sad as if you had just lost your last friend. As you stand on the rooftop you wonder why it happened as you become the city's new guardian hiding in the shadow and fighting the heroes who think its ok to do bad things when no one is watching. You begin to appear before them questioning them and taking them down stating the city deserves a real hero. The internal and external conflicts within you begin....

The bass is very deep and wet here and very nicely calmed. The synth and piano team up and make you feel strangely sad as you envision yourself crying over something too. The drums are cool and sound very retro I think as the beat plays on and just seems to draw you in to try and relax.

Overall, peaceful yet sad song. Nice work.

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very sad and mellow.

It does a good job of tugging on the heart strings. It has a nice sense of progression and it gives a sad mood. It's bare basic, doesn't change much. Good job overall.


I'm not entirely sure exactly what emotion you're trying to convey here.

I guess, from the comments, that this is a sad song, remembering someone that's gone for you now. However, I don't really feel very sad when hearing this. There's a bit too much going on for this to be called an emotional track.

The piano melody is very nice. Well written, good progression. The first part of the track actually does feel somewhat emotional, somewhat sad, but the rhythmics sort of wipe that atmosphere away. The samples you've used are good, tho.

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