Reviews for "Breakit 3"

Frontpage material

Good graphics, decent replay value and has a few original elements, including a ver weird easter egg. I think this might go on the frontpage. Keep it up!

very good

in that game was there very good grapchics, sounds, and also fun with playing. and i see this is the 3rd episode, i think the earler episodes was good too. and i say again: GOOD GAME! :D


Completely new breakout style game.
Great gameplay and graphics (very smooth)
I only found that 100 levels meant i wasnt even going to try and finish xP.
I happily ended at 20 levels.
Well done!


definetly the best breakout game ive played, very nicely made flash game.


This game is the best break it game and one of the best breakout games online.
It took me awhile to beat it but it was fun and somewhat challenging.