Reviews for "Breakit 3"


Maan, that was addictive!


Really nice!

Pretty good clone

I had to dock a couple since, number one, it's a clone that's been done so many times, and two, the collisions were way messed up.

Overall, I'd say it was an excellent game, kept me amused, had good powerups, that sort of thing. I liked it, and I guess that's what counts. Maybe I'd urge you to express some origionality, but for now, if this is what you want to stick to, stick to it, you're doing great at it.


the best game of its kind! nice how you put some inovation in it

nice game

it pretty cool
the gameplay is absolutely awesome
the graphics are fantastic
the 'powers up' are pretty nice, and have a nice difficult level,
but... is a little repetitive, that is the only bad thing


Completely new breakout style game.
Great gameplay and graphics (very smooth)
I only found that 100 levels meant i wasnt even going to try and finish xP.
I happily ended at 20 levels.
Well done!