Reviews for "Breakit 3"


a very well made breakout clone and even though i've always hated breakout i did enjoy it ;)

however there is something awkward about the physics

the angle at which the ball hits the platform doesn't seem to have any influence on its rebound angle so if i don't move the platform and the ball hits it at a very acute angle it would still rebound straight up

that should be changed in my opinion but apart from that well done :)


definetly the best breakout game ive played, very nicely made flash game.

This Flash Game Is Quite Interesting... =P

It's awesome that more tools are added in this game & some of them increase the difficulty while playing... =D The graphics & the sound effects are quite good too but there's a bug that when the ball is going to hit a block, it goes through the block whether the ball is going to hit it horizontally, vertically or diagonally... (It happens sometimes that I have to hit the block again... O.o")

good work

good work! It's all fun - had to stop myself!
Nice take on an original game, some music and a delay for when the pwerups went into affect would be good :)

Well done

Graphics are good, and so are sound FX

There's a bug when the ball hits the corner of a block and it's moving diagonally, it doesn't bounce, it goes through it instead.