Reviews for "MTC: Plane Blastin'!"

well.... boring

boring, all you do is shoot planes, going at 10000000000000000 mph, lol, sorry

to basic

man it was alright needs powerups and like stuff lol u need extra weapons like a mini turret u can buy to help u shoot or a laser wall u activate by space (10 sec burst)
and50 sec charge delay


it was so boring i quit during the first level its just too basic for me sorry

Needs More Work

Sorry to say but you should not of put the game out in the condition It's in. I can't see any text on any of the buttons.


it was too easy. my shots went wide by alot but it would still blow up a plane. it would be better if there were upgrades and different planes. overall though it wasnt too bad. there are worse games out there.