Reviews for "MTC: Plane Blastin'!"

good effort

i have to say, it looked fairly good, the voice acting was OK and the gameplay wasnt terrible, but it got boring and there was no incentive to play on, keep trying though and soon you should come out with a better outing that deserves front page more than this submission at least

TheCriminalDuder responds:

Thanks! I'll keep tryin' harder and harder like I have for the last year. Everytime I do good I always do a lil' better then last time. :3

Ugly, Boring

The games is an eye sore, so visually it could use an upgrade. The audio is unimpressive, and the gameplay was similar to the crappy iPOD game Parachute. Your bored on the third shot.

Good flash exercise, but not a very enjoyable game

I'm no flash expert but I'm guessing that was probably a good flash game learning excersice.

However it was pretty boring to play. It seems the best (and only tactic) is to sit pressing the button every second firing at 45 degrees.

There were no missions, no story, and a minimum of gameplay. I'm sure you can do better !


this was a sad attempt in trying to capture any gamers attention

Not bad

Not bad but a bit on the boring side after a while