Reviews for "Falling Forever"

There's some on my face

Oh wait, it's just my leg.



Nice game, I liked how the screen at the bottom kept making comments:)

Cool Game

This game is very cool, its good for a short period of Time...BUT!
This game needs a pause button SO HARD :p
Dude i would play it the whole day, between the mobs in WoW but there is no way to have a break :-/
Would be sooo nice if you could add it. But 5/5 nice game :)
Something New, Something Good :D

Loved it

While this game has no plot whatsoever, it does have a few things I really enjoy.

1) Physics. A must have for all modern games.
2) A sense of humor. Seriously, I think I died like 20 times just because I thought it was worth reading the funny text at the bottom.
3) A reward for skill and flexibility -- I hate games where the point of the game is to do an easy task long enough so that you can afford some series of upgrades so that at the end of the game you are unstoppable. Playing with dexterity in this game results in a concrete reward.
4) A freakin lazer that vaporizes you after a single mistake. Nice.

its fun

if you are on the side next to the wall, jump to the wall and you will start sliding abit slower so be careful