Reviews for "Falling Forever"


difficult but fun....next time make the area bigger

Good one, but...

Good one but it has a bug, I dont know how to make it but I accidentally went to laser and stayed there reading your coments without touching the keyboard, dont believe me if you want but it has a bug :).

Another one.

The gameplay again is simple yet effective. The brain doesn't cease to not reach a goal. I like this one, the fact that you have to not fall into the laser and stuff. Great work, again, as i have said in all my reviews, the gameplay owns! And the graphics are a bit edgy, smoothen it up a bit. The controls are fine, responsive. And you should put a voice over instead of a large screen with words. It's much more cooler. Your games are already cool, why not make it cooler?



Ugh! 164.83

Awesome Game. I liked the bubble popping. It made the game DDR-ish