Reviews for "Falling Forever"


DUDE! this game is soooo addictive and yet funny
awesome quotes
i didnt know the top thing was a laser O.o
no fair :P
good game, i like your series 9/10 for this one though :)


I have played for quite some time, but the game never runs out of quotes.

I've laughed my ass off at "Will the real Slim Shady please jump into the laser?"

And then the Leeroy Jenkins reference (used to play WoW)...

It's true though that it's hard to follow both your char and the messages.

Also, I survived for 173 seconds... almost 3 minutes!


Dude, this was so good, I only have three words for it:
Creamed my pants.

i survived 214.48 seconds...

guess that means im pretty good.

Great Fun

Funny things at the bottom, the problem is that when you go to look at it, you just die, I can still survive, but maybe have a voice-over, so that you can listen to it AND play the game. All in all 9/10. The thing about the text was my only problem with this game.