Reviews for "Falling Forever"


The whole Forever series is amazing. This one isn't as good as the others, but that's expected for a first game. I hope you plan to make more!

not bad

nut your other games like hunted forever were waaay better. its not bad, but i wouldn't spend an hour playing it... it gets boring after a while, and thats not really good for a game that you can litterally play forever.

Soaddicting yet so frustrating!!!

Not quite as good as your other forevers. however this one is pretty good, definately deserves a look at. my best time was 83 sec.

its gooood

its good and taysboy look at the centre of the bubble and jump when the small whgite circle dissaperes but be qucik

Honestly Boring

I dont get the point of falling forever, but the controls for me where a bit difficult to master and my character would sometimes jump really high and sometimes just fall through the bubble like it wasnt there