Reviews for "Falling Forever"

:) simple and entertaining

those are the things i like in a game :) and youve got em :) tough, but not too tough. and those comments at the bottom are hilarious :) good game. some people may say this game sux, there's no upgrades, i keep dying, that thing's makin fun of me, etc. etc. etc. but those things are kinda the point. its simple, sweet, and entertaining.

Don't get it

It good habit forming, but i cant seem to understand the jumping part. It really annoying that even if i push the "W" buttom he dont seem to jups, and i can get to read the words that are popping out of the bubbles when they burst... Itsfrustrating but all in all a ok game. Cuold use some configuration though.


Very simple. Very nice. Good concept. Well presented.

Liked it!

Very simple, anyone can play this game and learn it in 10 seconds. I enjoyed it, and I can't really see anything left to improve upon. 10 stars for you!

Loved it

While this game has no plot whatsoever, it does have a few things I really enjoy.

1) Physics. A must have for all modern games.
2) A sense of humor. Seriously, I think I died like 20 times just because I thought it was worth reading the funny text at the bottom.
3) A reward for skill and flexibility -- I hate games where the point of the game is to do an easy task long enough so that you can afford some series of upgrades so that at the end of the game you are unstoppable. Playing with dexterity in this game results in a concrete reward.
4) A freakin lazer that vaporizes you after a single mistake. Nice.