Reviews for "Falling Forever"


Nice game, I liked how the screen at the bottom kept making comments:)

good game

I think you did a very good job with this game. The witty comments at the bottom made me laugh a lot. The game was very enjoyable and it easy to loose track of time while playing it.


jsut one thing. add a few more bubles and increase the bubble respawn rate a little bit. love the smart as comments at the bottom. add more of them,


This game is awesome! Death is unavoidable, and the computer keeps taunting you! "Spoiler: you are going to die." *laughter* "Is your life so valuable that you want to keep it?" *more laughter* "Two thumbs up! Props for killing the main character." *uncontrolable laughter* XD

Great concept

Great concept, and a good timewaster. when I understood that timing my jumps had an effect it became a lot better :)