Reviews for "Falling Forever"

Awesome Game

Lol, nice BioShock reference, great game

Keep it up!

You've got the orginal concept of trying to keep up with your surrounding with a new twist which has really done it for me. I have found myself coming back to this, showing my friends and really just having a lot of fun with it. The comments below are hilarious to say the least. Great game keep it up.

Challenging and fun!

I love the scoring system, how the closer you are to the laser the more points you get. Also, that perfects give you more. Good thing there are highscores.

What would be perfect would be a two player mode.
Anyways, this game is fun and is worth replaying.


The concept and gamplay were basic but grea and was pretty addicting. I liked the touch of humor by the sayings, plus the violence of this. The physics of the game when the balls bounce were superb, but it doesn't have its downfalls when I was about to land on one and it suddenly bounces out of the way.
However, I felt the instructions were way too vague and could use more levels, power-ups, and some more stuff.

The arena is too short.

It's fuin, but the arena is too short.