Reviews for "Falling Forever"


Sorry but I really didn't like this game. The controls are very slow responding and the jumping doesn't really works for me. Always die after only 3 bubbles, just because the character wouldn't move.

pretty good

strangely addicting lol, the commentary at the bottom was pretty funny too

It was awesome

Challenging and fun! You have to survive a laser by jumping from bubble to bubble after being thrown into a laser pit whilst being taunted by the author or whoever else may have thrown you down there. By the way, i got 95 seconds as a personal best before i died. 5/5, 10/10!

Entertaining mindless existance :D

I like it. The situation of hopelessness kinda reminds me of portal... very entertaining, got 2 1/2 minutes :D I think a bit of a story, even just an introduction wuldve made this game better tho.

I managed to survive three minutes!!! :o

was very hard though. specially if you get near the lazers with those tiny little bubbles.
Overal a great time-killer, and with all the little comments, I wasnt bored, had a comment from everythin i like, from crazed heartbroken robots, to a game character who died too early! Hope the sequel is just as great! :D