Reviews for "Falling Forever"

124.32 damit

great game i loved it... u should change the name to addicting forever (credit tomthe dudes below meh) and i have an ide for a sequal for this game... u should have it sso i't like sky diving and the bubbles kill instead of save

Addicting forever

:o srsly how did u come up with this game??cos its absolutely awesome! all my 5 r belong to this :P keep the games coming


Hunted forever was fun...Oh wait this is falling forever?

96 secs...

Pretty cool game!
Idea is good although it has a relatively short life-span. In that way forever hunted is better.
The comments are really funny, and keep you playing a little while even when you start to get bored.
Game-play was good, and it was pretty fun to jump around on those bubbles. Also there where a lot of close-call situations which made it fun.
Music was alright.


that was best time lol i sukit will probly get betr but this cant u get a 100 /10