Reviews for "Meet and Fuck Leila"

how to make leila hormy

VadimGoD you one awesome ass son of a bitch XD I wouldn't have an account cause of you now I can comment on your games :D *epic ass DON DON DOOOOONNNNNN* but too damn short if you made it longer I would have 5 stars and rate it 5 but I star it 5 and rate is 4 D=

nc game i love meet n fuck games!!!!

What in the actual hell is this supposed to be? It's like you couldn't decide between wanting to make a sim-date game or some weird hentai game. Firstly, the dialogue is atrocious. When you're creating a character, you have to establish their likes and dislikes. You, however, failed to capture even a SLIVER of anything closely resembling a human being's emotion. I swear to God, I chose to make a crude pun about her body -- then she immediately shut me down. I learned not to make stupid puns around her. Next thing you know, after clicking all other choices possible, SHE FALLS FOR THE GODDAMN CRUDE PUN. Consistency is important when making characters, regardless of whether or not the goal of the game is to have sex with said character. I gave you a star for art and a half-star for pity.

to people who want longer hentai: check out the other games they're great ( vadim i like this one too )