Reviews for "Mad Libs! : A new pet"


i forgot how much fun these are. i also learned that i forgot wtf a pronoun is. the graphics were kinda cheesy but who cares right? i liked it. oh i did notice that the dollar sign was behind the dollar amount.

Michael1000 responds:

I fixed the dollar thing too

Not a pronoun...

An adverb descrubes how something is done, not a pronoun. A pronoun is like he, she, or they. Otherwise I thoght it was pretty good.

pronounds vs. adverbs

you got those mixed up

Michael1000 responds:

Ok ive fixed that and a few other mistakes, but thanks for pointing that out.

Good try though

Though not fully impressed by the level of sophistication of graphical or audio representation, I am happy that you at least managed to pull off a bit of interactivity to save you from a blam. But do try to improve.
You get 2 out of 5.

You get 4 out of 10.