Reviews for "Mad Libs! : A new pet"

I had fun with that

DUDE, whens the next 1 coming out... i just love these!!!

Michael1000 responds:

Actually , I am working on one now, so it will be soon!

Wrong grammar

Your definition of pronoun is wrong the right term for what you mean is adverb. But the whole game in general was pretty good and very versatile.

Michael1000 responds:

I've fixed it

How i remember..

All me and my friends would do when i was 6 and 7 was make perverted mad libs...ahh, those were the golden days...
ANyways, pretty good job!


Not necessarily a bad version of the typical Mad-Lib style game, but it did have a rather glaring error: pronouns do not describe 'how something is done' (as stated by the menu screen), rather a word that can substitute for a noun phrase (eg 'he' can substitute for 'John'). I believe the word you were actually looking for there is adverb. This carries though the game: if you didn't read the descriptions on the menu screen and just ploughed right in (as I did) using the correct definition, the story reads pretty oddly.

The actual inserting of the words could've been more inventive; some background music would be nice - if you pick a good track it needn't be repetitive, maybe something from the ambient section would suit it - or simply changing the background a bit between words. Some sort of counter or indication of progress would be appreciated - just to give you an idea how many words you have left to go.

But all in all, not a bad effort.

Michael1000 responds:

Sorry that was my mistake. You see i was doing my LA homework and i got them kind of mixed up. I'll fix it right away!

it was kinda funny

Every day after school Finson played with his horny pet ass... i liked that part the best.