Reviews for "Mad Libs! : A new pet"

mix it up

funnier then the second one, put Dick for the name and penis for everything else,and fucking for the ing ending one. its a guarenteed laugh XD


he had a pet dck.....


me and my friend used this for a flash :D

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /440870

hope you dont mind, i was suprised it got through

uhhh (brains broken)

i dont now if its vbecasue i mdotch bust wats noun or persetie or something ENLISH PLZ

Michael1000 responds:


Yah dude

Instead of pronoun, I think you want adverb. I used to love Mad Libs, but every time I played it since I got older, I think it's lame as hell. Somehow, you came up with a story that made Mad Libs interesting again. So props for that. Nicely programmed and I liked the drawing of the sign, it added a graphic element to the story. I declined the fucking offer!