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Reviews for "NEW LIFE- English version"


well made movie and well drawn but a crappy story ill give it an 8

Great Movie

The movie got the point across, it was wonderfully done. just the basic, fall on your feet pick yourself up cliche.( done in probably every tv show/movie) But if life was just that wonderful. If everyone had a chance to start a new life. The world would be messed. Monks btw, dont really help, they throw a riddle at you and hope you figure it out, not very god like... and I wouldnt compare humanity to animals, theres a fine difference, they adapt to the world, we make the world adapt to us. The animation was wonderful, the meaning is to overused, and doesnt feel real, cause some people can not pick them selfs back up, because thats how the world really works. Have a goodnite Y'all

it's deeper than that

everyone knows the point of life is to survive, the big question is what is the meaning; why is life in existance and why has it continued for so long. To me this flash was just stating the obvious. (and no offense to you, my tone of voice is light but when i type people always get pissed off because they can't hear the way i'm saying it)

Amazing artwork...

The grafix were great, but I didn't quite get the story, everything went on a bit fast.

it was nice...

but it should have been rated for teens because there is mature themes and partial nudity