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Reviews for "NEW LIFE- English version"

stop writing overly critical reviews!!!!!

this was an awesome story and your drawings were amazing. i dont think it had to be longer because the message got through to me. but i found the end kind of depressing because its like your saying that you cant fix a messed up life, that you have to run away and leave it behind.
oh yea and what KALK said about the camera angles being a stretch at the begining... you have to remember that he accually HAD camera angles unlike most flashes on newgrounds.

anyway one of the best flashes on newgrounds.



I think that most critisizms you'll pick up here are ones of people who have seen this and compaired it to a professional, mainstream high biz aniumation and forget that it's a flash. I guess that means that you're in the top field now. In that respect I commend you, I can relate to the story and message, great animation, fluid and audiable voiceacting and a simple yet effective narrative structure.

Good work. 10/10

WOW very nice

this is a very nice flash, i realy liked it.

only one question; will this become a serie, course i would love to see more of it :)

"The narrow thinking person. Possibly american"

I am glad you actually wrote something in your comment box explaining some parts of it for us narrow minded individuals. Of course you as you said the movie is for "non narrow minded individuals" but most of the narrow minded individuals are too narrow minded to realize that we are horribly horribly narrow individuals (just like the guys who watch fox news) so it sucks that we ended up watching it anyways. 9/10 for a deep story and 10/10 for graphics and sound.

SOMNAMBULA responds:

thank you very much! =)


amazing and can be understood. you could see the illustrations and references to real life situations. Thanks for the submission, some friends of mine would need to watch it.