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Reviews for "NEW LIFE- English version"

Very interesting.

I don't care what the previous commenters say. I liked the "IDEA" of the story. Well done. And for next time. Give those empty people some closure. They need it.


pretty good

pretty good, but it doesn't go all the way
as i read in an earlier comment it didn't have much of an ending

its ok!

nice movie...

Its Okay`

i liked it but i didn't like it, it should have more, um, of an ending

I don't like being preached to...

I found this midly irritating as it's supposed to have a "deeper" meaning - WTF. She was only in a car crash and she still had a load of crap at home - God did fuck all for her.. I fuckin hate religious preaching..

Apart from that the graphics and animation was pretty nice and nice sound too. Maybe if you focused your efforts on something less "godly" lol