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Reviews for "NEW LIFE- English version"

Wow that was nothing

dude good animation but im a story line kinda guy and unfortunatly to many questions un answered so ima give you a low score but i gotta know

are freaking trying to get in my mind?
dude you said alot of sh8 with out saying anything at all you obviously have a good story on your hands and im hoping to see more but please answer a few questions man your driving me and other newgrounders up the wall

good luck, nice job, and
god peace

yoangelo10 signing off


well you did a nice job in animateing the thing but the story line was retarded
so a 6 out of 10

That women was sexy!

Way to sexy for me to notice any point to this movie... Good job I guess.

10/10 5/5 for that chick!


nicely animated and voiced, but what did she hit? and why was shge compelled to start a new life, was she fired from the job, she was at, i was life confused as to why she started this new life, but in all honesty, i have been tempted to go try starting a new life, thanks for the upload...

sugar coated feel good thingie.

Animation was good. Voice acting decently performed. Not seen such a concept hitting newgrounds for a while so I guess in a way its a breath of fresh air.

So yeah you'll get a good score from me in the mean time. I just hope some kind of depression hadn't gripped you to create this...

For those who believe artistic expression is a cure to depression... well... look at Van Gogh.