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Reviews for "NEW LIFE- English version"

Not very bad.

Though I expected it to be a bit more poignant. Nonetheless, great animation, great voice acting, good job overall.


Great work up, great presentation, nice style. dead flat ending.

why didnt you flesh out the ending more? maybe
"because you'se an albatross"

hahah sorry

pretty neat

not bad just kinda boring, until you get to the end, that was pretty nice

Very nice

Ok I disagree with the previous reviews. I think they where just expecting something totally different than disappointed. Or just have a one way view of how video's should be in the Portal.

I think it was great. The animation was right up there and and it sounded amazing. There wasn't much to the story, but it wasn't really needed in this type of flash. Very inspirational and I would recommends it to anyone. The only reason why this didn't get a perfect score was due to the fact that when times where getting really bad for her there was little emotion in her face. If there was no music and voice I really wouldn't be able to tell how or what she was feeling. All and all though it was a great flash.

its ok

it was kind of cool i guess
rlly boring tho
its just one of my least favorite types of animation
i liked sum of it
but it didnt seem realistic
alot of it was dragged on too long
and i think the people were very badly done
i didn't like the art or the storyline