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Reviews for "NEW LIFE- English version"

too short

The animations were very good, but I couldn't see a story really. It was too short... it seemed like it's only the beginning.

what was that!

it doesent make seance at all?


The story was fairly simple, the symbolism was ok, I did watch it before I read the full author's comments, but I agree somewhat with the symbolism explained there.

To be perfectly honest the statement "for non-narrow thinking people" made me expect a little more than I got plot-wise, it wasn't particularly new, or long. In fact there was very little plot at all... You only relate to Fina as you would any other human, she doesn't seem particularly special, just someone down on her luck.
You used the obvious problems, husband cheating... poor relationship with mom... difficulty with religion... nothing was particularly unique. Because I was somewhat disappointed, I feel I can only give you a 7/10 for that portion of the animation.

However, the animation was superb, and the voice acting was fairly well done. So 9/10 there.

And yes, I see the comment that states: "People, you supposed to judge this on how it was meant to be, if it was meant to be the meaning of life, then watch it as that, so don't expect a lot from this" I can understand this, but when it says "for non-narrow minded people, you expect something a little extra, and I didn't see it.

"The narrow thinking person. Possibly american"

I am glad you actually wrote something in your comment box explaining some parts of it for us narrow minded individuals. Of course you as you said the movie is for "non narrow minded individuals" but most of the narrow minded individuals are too narrow minded to realize that we are horribly horribly narrow individuals (just like the guys who watch fox news) so it sucks that we ended up watching it anyways. 9/10 for a deep story and 10/10 for graphics and sound.

SOMNAMBULA responds:

thank you very much! =)


The story wasn't terrible, but the animation was terrific!