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Reviews for "NEW LIFE- English version"

you stated your point, make something more interes

yeah, you stated your point, make something more interesting. You definitely have a hold on Flash, but this movie really didn't push your limits enough. Skip the philosophical crap and make something more enjoying to watch. Either way, keep working, make something better with your high-animation skill.

A big cheesy cheese party on the moon

Good Graphics, Good Animation, Good Job.

Very cheesy.

I recommend more violence and Rick Astley.

nothing too new or interesting

I kinda agree with "TheSwordsman", though, it's kinda the same "love and happyness" kinda stuff... and don't make an intro like that for such a short movie!

Saying people should judge this way or the other is kinda like manipulating so that people dont flame how bad it could be (not saying this one is bad).

Good job on the animation and voice acting.


Being bizarrely cryptic does not necessarily make you deep. And if this movie is saying God is her only recourse, that's actually a pretty narrow-minded dogma (I seriously doubt the monk picking up the phone and saying nothing represents her father) Furthermore, I couldn't even tell her heel broke until I read the summary.

Your revelation seems pretty self-evident. If we didn't want to survive we'd all starve to death within a few days of being born.

Great work!

I really liked it. Animation wise and story wise, it was great. I remember seeing the first one with the English subs a while back, so I was worried about the voice acting when translated. However, you did a really great job. Kudos.