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Reviews for "NEW LIFE- English version"

Thank you.

I've been dwelling on a problem for a while now, and watching this flash made me finally realize the path I'm taking is the right one. So, thank you.

Very interesting work

You animation skills are outstanding.Movements ,camera works are very good.Nice way of presentation.

very nice story

I loved the story and the way it was created. I especially like the part of the crash. very well done and told.


amazing and can be understood. you could see the illustrations and references to real life situations. Thanks for the submission, some friends of mine would need to watch it.

Real Nice!

To TK-Dr-Taco...
Come On...More Violence?!
That is a great movie with subliminars messenges about life!
That thing of the Monk beeing God, that was really nice point and the graphics were great!
Just one tip...Write what you wanted to show in the movie because great part of the people doesn't read the author comments they just put the video e watch it, otherwise...well you saw the reviews...
Sorry if I make some mistake with the gramatic stuff...I'm still learning English.
Good luck with your next video.