Reviews for "NEW LIFE- English version"

Implement your talents to a greater idea

Your visuals are amazing, as is the voice work involved. I can feel for you reading these tough reviews because I can see the effort gone through this, but I just felt that the story/plot made me cringe, your inner message wouldn't have got through to many people.
This was as hollow and over-rated as you point out the Paladin series to be, please think of what you are doing before spending hours upon it.

Again through the cheesy inner message and a monk with a phone, this was a terrificly animated flash, as was the voice acting. Good job.

Nice style

All in all it got a really nice style to it. Liked the detail with "new life" on the license plate:) Only thing i could put my finger on is the closeup when the screen breaks like glass. You could have made it more surprising with the crash sound so it would give a shocking effect. That is just my opinion though:)
Anyways, good work on a really nice movie!


I was SURE she would had a car accident and die here,because she was using cell-phone while driving. XD

graphic 10/10
music 10/10
sounds 9/10
story 9/10
total: 9,5/10, 4/5

Thank you.

I've been dwelling on a problem for a while now, and watching this flash made me finally realize the path I'm taking is the right one. So, thank you.

Very interesting work

You animation skills are outstanding.Movements ,camera works are very good.Nice way of presentation.