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Reviews for "NEW LIFE- English version"

Great Art At Least

I Must Say That The Art And Animation Was Top Notch,
But The Story of Her Starting anew Changing her Life And
How She Defined Life In A Few Simple Words Is VERY Cliche
And Has All ready Been Done Before. Even The Scene Of Her Getting a New Hair Cut
Has Allready Been Dozsns Many Times.
Even On That Show Scrubs Elliot Does That As Well. So As Your Story Goes
Its Not Very Original, But Your Art Is Pro


Cool graphics, very good sounds and nice moral. Many people say are searching the meaning of life. Life has no concrete meaning, just live your life and everything is going to be good, make your own meaning. And don't get upset if something goes bad, just live further.

Simply Fantastic

That was really good. It was nice to see a flash with a serious plot.
The Music was Good
You had a good use of sound affects
ad your drawing is great. Especially with the cat

Nice style

All in all it got a really nice style to it. Liked the detail with "new life" on the license plate:) Only thing i could put my finger on is the closeup when the screen breaks like glass. You could have made it more surprising with the crash sound so it would give a shocking effect. That is just my opinion though:)
Anyways, good work on a really nice movie!


I was SURE she would had a car accident and die here,because she was using cell-phone while driving. XD

graphic 10/10
music 10/10
sounds 9/10
story 9/10
total: 9,5/10, 4/5