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Reviews for "NEW LIFE- English version"


The animation is really (And I mean really) great!!!
But I didn't get the story line and characters... It just wasn't really clear...

Shame about the story

Maybe someone could help you with the story - you've got amazing talent with the animation though, brilliant tweening!

People are confused because of a shoe...

This is really awesome animation 10/10 for that. A little lame feel good plot, and too much 'representation', I say -3. And as for peoples views on God, I just see alot of them turning to the Karma cycle for New Lives. So that would mean instead of God makes all of us, we all make God. Also, the only way she wouldn't of survived is if she uped and killed herself, or went homeless and started smoking crack or whatever... she might of been sad which is also biological. Keep on, keeping on. Your philophosy is great.


How can you spoil quality animation with such a lame plot? Perhaps at some time something like this happened to someone, but why viewer should care? No humor, no wisdom, just little, symbolic drama which happened to fashionable woman (if she were at least a bit ugly i'd feel at least a bit of sympathy for her). And yes - symbolic is bad, unless put into really well planned piece of art.

Great Movie

The movie got the point across, it was wonderfully done. just the basic, fall on your feet pick yourself up cliche.( done in probably every tv show/movie) But if life was just that wonderful. If everyone had a chance to start a new life. The world would be messed. Monks btw, dont really help, they throw a riddle at you and hope you figure it out, not very god like... and I wouldnt compare humanity to animals, theres a fine difference, they adapt to the world, we make the world adapt to us. The animation was wonderful, the meaning is to overused, and doesnt feel real, cause some people can not pick them selfs back up, because thats how the world really works. Have a goodnite Y'all