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Reviews for "NEW LIFE- English version"

Green Hair

I've noticed that in the English Subtitle version of this flash
in the beginning when they are kicking Fina out the old guy has
Green Hair... why change the color in this version? lol


Great animation .. No point ! Take credit from whatever soft-hearted person may dream up and that's the purpose of this video.


A realli nice movie , i wont call it a flash.
it is short and nice, wonderfull voice , beatifull graphic.
5/5stars! pls Countine to make such wonderfull movies.


Not my piece of cake

Mmm.. this is supposed to be kind of an intellectual toon I guess, with a great and subtle meaning behind it. But in fact it´s really lowbrow.
The music was pathetic, the characters flater than a sheet of paper that has been crossed by a roll. This cartoon doesn´t realy work in the way it is meant to work. So you wanted to create a movie where the viewer has to interpret to find the hidden meaning, huh? You failed. At all this film is not more than a decently animated "supposed-to-be-movie" that takes itself much to serious. A cartoon that is made to look intellectual missed the whole point of itself. Watch the movies by david firth or Kol-belov, and you will get my point.

under rated

i really enjoyed this movie!!

it's really deep and i feel sorry for u that so many ppl dont get it!

you get a 5 from me!