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Reviews for "NEW LIFE- English version"

sometimes life sucks

yeah a sort cutoff of everydays life plain sad happy end


I have no idea what all these ass-holes are ranting about. It was, firtsly and above all, a great, high quality flash.
IT also had a beautiful point, and hwile illustrated poetically, should be apparent to even the stupidest bastards.

Overall very nice, a serious flash which is really one of a kind. I might say "the composer" was somwhere around that area, but still no where close. Very very good!


The story is lacking a bit, but the basic premise is quite clear. Wonderful animation, and excellent translation.

No meaning

There is no meaning to the vid. The man who offered to give the lady a lift he would of really said something like get out the road

SOMNAMBULA responds:

i think this movie is not for your brain =))))

Its debatable.

I can understand why some people have scored this low and I think its mainly because there wasnt enough of a story beforehand to then suddenly bust out and give a kind of half hearted anti suicide message at the end to everyone. I think that if you were to re-do this it would have to have more of a backing story, THEN you can go ahead with the real message.

As for the work itself it was some good animation, the only thing I could say otherwise is I think it would be good for you to either change the lip sync style for when people talk, or just get better at the way your already dooing it as one or two parts did look a bit 'iffy'.

Also just again on the whole story thing, it would be good to try and link most of the stuff you said in your comments into the actual flash rather than just expecting that other people will read it themselves before ranking it. I know I do this from time to time aswell.

SOMNAMBULA responds:

there are video stream from original russian version and overdubbing on english language so that's why lips are off sync!