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Reviews for "NEW LIFE- English version"


This movie impressed me. It carried a powerful meaning- and maybe we can learn from the character Fina. The animation was astounding. The movements were fluid and flawless as well!


Graphics and animation are amazing
Sounds are great
but well , storyline dosen't affect me very much ,
Its a good idea but , it needs move develloppement
i understand that for people who lives situations like this , this video must be awesome But for other people its kinda boring...
Not bad , but not very entertaining...

Does not deliver.

With flash, there are certain guidelines to live by.

First, speed in presentation is inversely correlated to quality of the flash. Metal Gear Awesome can get away with seemingly shitty animation because of the speed and quality of content it delivers.

Adam Phillips can make you sit and look at a squishy yellow thing moving along the floor of a deep forest for 30 seconds straight because his animation is incredibly well thought out and drawn.

This flash has neither the artistic quality nor the content to justify such a slow and meandering pace, coupled with subpar content in my opinion.

Nothing ventured = nothing gained.

Does not deliver.

Sad but true

The animation was very smooth, i hope you make more!
And the story line is all sad but true.Good work.

Good and bad

First the bad.I don't like how in your authors comments you openly dissed another guys work(though it may not be all that)who has alot more on here than you do.Bad bad form there.

Your flash though it attempts to be deep doesn't make much of a point to me.Human life, through civilization, can achieve luxury and also R&R.If we were here just trying to survive things would be easy.We wouldn't have to bother with status symbols and "who has the biggest and best"We would simply be existing with food, shelter, and procreation.What we do isn't merely survival.It's LIVING.

Now, your artwork...decent, but not much better than Paladin, which you choose to bash.

Animation is mediocre, nothing special.

Voice acting is great, really.Whoever you got to do that, make sure you keep her number.