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Reviews for "NEW LIFE- English version"

give 6 cell phone talking female drivers out of 10

there is meaning to it, and the graphics are okey.
It is boring and somewhat screams chick flick or reality tv
however it does have a point to it in the end.


Great animation and video work, look forward to seeing more.


nice message behind this and nice animation keep it up

amazing energy behind this

I'd love to see this as a scene in an inde film, right? and the order of events is great for telling the story in a short movie format. I enjoyed it immensely!


The graphics were great, the music selection sounded like annoying elevator music,

but the story was far too underdeveloped for my liking. How exactly does a car crash = "run, breathe, survive, etc." Also, you could have elaborated on the implications of her new life beyond her new haircut.
Good work, I just wish you put more emphasis on logos than pathos, especially if you're going to get existential. It was like a religious Hallmark card laden with pretty mush.