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Reviews for "NEW LIFE- English version"

It is better than Paladin!

This is one of those normal cartoons that is so effective because it is simply done so well. Every shot of this is amazing, even when it shows the bottom of a moving car! I am glad there was deeper meaning in this as well as your description of the video. I am a religious person so it was great how you used God (in some way at least) to play the story out. We all have instances in our lives where we simply doubt ourselves as we go through major changes. You told it all in a very artistic way.

good wokr!

good wokr!

Quite surreal

So did the girl become a monk as I saw her cutting her hair?

SOMNAMBULA responds:

actually there is so many different ways of story.... =)



Great story! The build was just terrific and I enjoyed it all the way through. A bit slow but still great. Loved how she was calling people on the cell phone and the people responded... especially the Mum "it's so late blah blah" lol. Pretty realistic. 10/10


Awesome graphics as well. I love your style, kind of simple, nice, clean and overall awesome. Smooth lines, great shading and lighting. 10/10


Great voice acting, good music. Can't complain about anything. 10/10


A truly awesome movie which I cannot find anything wrong with. Keep up the good work!


SOMNAMBULA responds:


you are awesome

keep up the good work