Reviews for "-= Time (RMX) =-"

Nice one :)

I also tryed to remix this...but finally it did not go anywhere..
Good job Mate ! ;)

TheBiocide responds:

Thanks, a lot man! I'm glad you approve :D


I love this song :)
and honestly, I liked the spaces, gave it a sort of... Build up for the Bass and snare to kick back in, though some did seem a bit, Lengthy. Try expirementing around with it, I bet you could make it sound REALLY nice

TheBiocide responds:

Thanks dude! I'm really glad you liked the way this one sounds. And I'm glad you liked the spaciness of it too! And to be honest, I was afraid the song was too short rather than "lengthy" :o But then again, everyone's got their preferences.

Still, thanks for your input! It's much appreciated :)

this is SEX MUSIC

Honestly this is.. WOW GREAT MUSIC!
Its.. sex, alchohol, dope, sex again and all in 2:21.

Ive been listening to this all day at work (well with one earphone, i have to hear to ppl on the other ear) and i come home to listen to it even yet again! Its Super at 1:40 where the voice goes low and then up again.. and the repeatative.. well i dont mind it as a background, I even imagine this on an underground tatoo store playing all day.. damn HOT! give it to guy richy and u have a hot new movie.. all this potential. all that thx to the superb vocals and the job u did ofc. GJ

TheBiocide responds:

Well shucks. You flatter me, sir. Hahaha, thanks so much for the encouraging words, man! It's always cool to see what kind of ideas people have for my stuff. It's usually really interesting to imagine... :)


I heard this the first time. The vocals are amazing and yes i have heard the original and this sound a lot better. The vocals in this one just cant be beat the quality and the beat all mix together so fuckin well.(god damnit i wish i had the time to make somethin like this) 8D !!!!


TheBiocide responds:

Another nice review :) Thanks my friend. I'm quite pleased to know that you're enjoying my stuff so much! Can't wait to see what you've got to say on my later projects!


this is how u mix dub with vocals. You have set the standard sir.

TheBiocide responds:

That's quite the compliment! :) Thanks a lot man! Glad you enjoyed it.