Reviews for "-= Time (RMX) =-"


I put this song in a dubstep mix of mine you should check it out.
Great work on this. I love the bass. The only thing missing is an outro.

Heres the mix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJQ9V6 lZu-o
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TheBiocide responds:

Dammnn man, that's awesome! I liked how this one sounded when you mixed it in from the other one! Kudos! :D

And also, thanks a lot. I'm glad that you liked the song enough to put it in a mix. I think that might be a first for me so it's really cool to see that. Keep checking back for more tunes, man! I'm sure you'll find more you like ;)

what soulblud said

... and I'm only four days late! ;)
I've never heard the original track to this remix, so I arrived here unprepared.
I mostly agree with soulblud. For the "empty"-thing: The track is nice as it is, however it would have been possible to add some depth. It sounds a bit flat sometimes.
Does "Dubstep-Ambient" exist?
Adding the Ambient would have taken care of the spaces in the song.
(and, of course, good work!)

TheBiocide responds:

Hahaha, thanks man! With each review I get, I regret not going back into this before I uploaded it and adding some more atmospheric elements to it :/

And I'm not sure about the whole Ambient Dubstep thing... but that's worth looking into. Haha

Thanks again for that review, my friend. It's always good to hear from you!

Loveable, but not the best.

Ill agree with Fonsasa, its a bit repetitive. What I like about this, is the vocals match a good beat, in the song. The visible downside, is its repetitiveness. the beat, other than vocals, is also, repetitive.

TheBiocide responds:

That's too bad :/ I didn't really see a problem with the beat, but everyone's got their preferences. Thanks all the same for the review though, man! Always appreciated :)

Liked it...

Needs more bass, other then that, it's excellent!

TheBiocide responds:

Yeah, man. I've noticed that with quite a few of my songs :/ I'm really trying to work on that. Thanks for pointing it out, though! And thanks for the review, much appreciated :)


Please teach me how to make dubstep. It's great

TheBiocide responds:

Glad you think so, dood :)