Reviews for "-= Time (RMX) =-"

Awesome :D

This is probably the most Wubbly dubstep song that deserves to be on my youtube channel :) Congratz mate!

10/10, 5/5, Download & Upload :)

Kind Regards, AmazingDeadChicken (FnM Productions)

TheBiocide responds:

Thanks a ton, man. Glad you liked (and uploaded) the song, means a lot dude :) Hope to see more of your reviews in the future!

Truly a nice piece of work you have here. It's been a long time since I've been on your page, checking out your music. Today I finally decided to check out all the new songs you've posted. This, my good man, is by far one of the better dubstep songs I have heard in a while. I am no expert in mixing and creating digital music, but I do know how I feel about this song.
One thing is for sure, you're very talented in making music. Keep up the good work!

TheBiocide responds:

Man, i forgot how awesome your reviews were. You've gotta stop by more often! Haha :)

But really, thanks a ton, my friend. Its good to know that you're still diggin the tunes. I've got a lot of good things happening for my music career lately, so you'll definitely hear more from me in the future!

Thanks again and much love, dude! <3

Dude...Im sure you have played legend of zelda.

You need to do some remixes.

I have not heard a single remix of temple of time that was worthy.

Sorry for asking you to do all the leg work, but i sure as hell wont.

I would just disgrace myself.


I put this song in a dubstep mix of mine you should check it out.
Great work on this. I love the bass. The only thing missing is an outro.

Heres the mix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJQ9V6 lZu-o
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TheBiocide responds:

Dammnn man, that's awesome! I liked how this one sounded when you mixed it in from the other one! Kudos! :D

And also, thanks a lot. I'm glad that you liked the song enough to put it in a mix. I think that might be a first for me so it's really cool to see that. Keep checking back for more tunes, man! I'm sure you'll find more you like ;)

Good bro!

But more bass and a little longer song :)

TheBiocide responds:

I agree with both! I have no idea why I cut this one so short, but I regret it now :c Thanks for the nine though, despite the setbacks. Really appreciate that, man! :D