Reviews for "Squigo 5"

squigo.....is hard to spell lol

But really watching one and two make u not wanna watch the series although if u do hold off till this one its worth the wait but really great work

damn cows

grazing the earth like they own the damn thing..

good job tony and now to bring up a funny comment

this is a very old flash i mean it was made in feb of 2002! and still it atracts new veiwers like the reviewer b4 me and makes them lagh and get mad at spoiler of the "punchline" humor, violence and a cow you made the world, or at least newgrounds, a better place. kudos tony, kudos

i love your work

I have to say, im a great admirer of your work, its funny its short and its sweet. but to the guy who wrote his review before mine, i hate people who just ruin the punchline, i was looking forward to seeing another exellent flash and enjoying the unexcpected punchline, and some knobhead like you goes and wrecks it all for me.

i loved it

the funniest part is that he acually suceeded in tiping the cow....only problem is it landed on him!!!