Reviews for "Squigo 5"


Wow....this one actually made me laugh (no offense)! ^_^ lol...that was so funny after the cow falls on him it just keeps eating. i wonder y thats funny to me?....Well anyway gr8 flash, keep on makin em.

P.S. thats a really stupid cow.


Once again, you've managed to have made a great lookin' Squigo movie with an extremely basic plot, and it is fuckin' hilarious!
One of the best of it's kind!
Great work!

keep up the good work

pretty funny. poor cows though, always being bothered. anyways, i love these cartoons, keep 'um coming.

Classic Squigo

How can you go wrong? Obvious or not, its still pretty good. As for Type O Neg, you watch too much pop tv amigo.

ohh man

to quote the critics on best week ever... DOWNGRADE. saw that coming to far away. everythign was great except the fact that it fell into the obvious ending.