Reviews for "Squigo 5"

Go Squigo!

Haha, its so simple, but I still love it. Even though he is based around stick figure, Squigo is not quite as lame, so you get extra points (woo!). There to the point,funny, and there seems to be a new fucking Squigo episode every other day! Keep it up!

yes sir.... i liked it!!!

very funny!!! I liked the notebook paper background. great job keep em coming!!!

looks like squigo needs to hit the weights

and the cow just keeps on eating.


squigo rules!but eskimo bob is better!


Holy Fuck! I am just reading my novel while watching some flash and when i got to this I laughed my fuckin ass off, dropped my book, lost the page, and fell to the floor dying of laughter!

Great fuckin job d00d :)