Reviews for "Weerd Flazh 6"

Fantastic :)

Random, funny and very captivating. I couldn't help but watch it, it kinda grips you and makes you want to watch it more. Very random.

Had its moments

Nice ideas but i ve missed the dynamic. i was looking for a fast-forward button.
try to make your whole cartoon a bit faster and avoid that the sausage just stands at one place for seconds... or not that long... but it was definitively a weird flazh ;)

Great fun!

this was so funny, one of five in my top 5 list, please make more.

Loved it

and the hammer from smash bros was geneous !

Thats Probably

now my Third Favorite animation ever...I laughed so hard i cried how Piss XD Great job... great job...hahaha I love eggplant..Make tee shirts of him