Reviews for "Weerd Flazh 6"


thas was random XD =P
5/5 10/10

Sausage Rules!

Lol this was great! I loved the nod to Portal, that was funny. Good concept with the record player. I enjoyed watching this flash, NG is best when watched at 11:45 pm

More! fwap fwap fwap..

he charged his lazer!!!11

That was extremely fun! I love how they went back in time to episode 4... that was a back to the future moment for sure. Your art and animation is improving with every new episode. I really hope this gets featured soon!

nice job

really enjoyed it



Not as fast paced as the previous ones... reminds me of Tom and Jerry type thing. This one was more thought out and well animated (by my standards.) Loved the Harvest Moon bit and your use of music is genius. Keep up the good work.