Reviews for "[oove]Heartbeats [Azoic remix]"

Friggin' AWESOME!

This song is amazing. Nice and smooth transitions and it kept me interested the whole way. I do think the melody could have been a bit louder since I had to strain just a little bit to make sure I was hearing the whole song and not just the drums, but that might just be the cheap headphones I'm wearing. Great job!

Azoic responds:

teehee - you are not the first person to discuss loud drums on a track of mine. I thought that I'd paid attention to that on this tune.
I just hate swamped drums! They gotta punch right through.
listen through speakers or nicer headphones and let me know what you think!! :)
Thanks for the review.


Wow! You've taken one of my favorite songs and completely remixed it, giving it a different flavor while still keeping the same tune. I think it sounds pretty good but the drums are a bit too loud at some parts for me. Great work though!

Azoic responds:

I've since remastered the tune so should all be gooood.

This is really good!

Wow. This is really worth a top 5 and also a 10/10 Well done, you most certainly deserve it. Keep up the good work.

Azoic responds:

Thanks, mate. It's been great having a tune in the top 5. Never had so much exposure since I started uploading in early 2009. I will certainly do all that i can pertaining to the good work!



I mostly do music on Piano but i have some DNB too. I like the making of it how it comes like a one to me. Not in parts like Bass, Vocals and so on. Its like a like i dont know xDD. Good made i love racing on LFS with it ^^

Azoic responds:

Epic review, buddy. Thanks a lot!
I think I may just work with piano more & more in my music.

..Maybe it's the best instrument in the world?

- after drums.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Du bist AWESOME mein fruend!!!!!(That's German for,"You are AWESOME my friend.") Ooook! Byebye!;p