Reviews for "[oove]Heartbeats [Azoic remix]"

Keep it the way it is, mmhmm

I think the dude below me means the base drum or what have you seems murky like the old Adult swim bump beats, but i like it. If not then what ever, I still love this song, piano is sweet and gives it a chill feel to such fast pace. love it, will DL.


See You Space Cowboy ~

Azoic responds:

Cheers bruddah. I appreciate that.

THIS is a remix!

Wow, I was like "If this is a drum and bass remix of the song i'm thinking of, this will be ridiculous!" And it WAS ridiculous. Ridiculously awesome!! You took a great song from a completely different genre and not only made it drum and bass, but you also made it your own. It is completely different than the original while still keeping its roots! Amazing job!

PS: DLing this to blast in the car!

Azoic responds:

maaan - if it passes the 'car test' then i'm going to have a spaz-attack!

we must have similar interests - i've always loved the heck out of this tune.

when i got it into logic and realised it was going to turn into a sick drum and bass track I had THEE most fun with it.

I'm really glad you enjoyed it!


Wow! You've taken one of my favorite songs and completely remixed it, giving it a different flavor while still keeping the same tune. I think it sounds pretty good but the drums are a bit too loud at some parts for me. Great work though!

Azoic responds:

I've since remastered the tune so should all be gooood.

I'm french, but i want to say that to you !

This is very beautiful music !
Bravo !

And thanks <3 !

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Du bist AWESOME mein fruend!!!!!(That's German for,"You are AWESOME my friend.") Ooook! Byebye!;p