Reviews for "[oove]Heartbeats [Azoic remix]"

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Du bist AWESOME mein fruend!!!!!(That's German for,"You are AWESOME my friend.") Ooook! Byebye!;p

I'm french, but i want to say that to you !

This is very beautiful music !
Bravo !

And thanks <3 !


This song track can realy take you on a journey if you let it.

Azoic responds:

That's really great that the track can engage you so much! Thank you for leaving your thoughts.

great piece

Good vibes on this one. I noticed there was a lot of reverb on the beginning break, which actually sounded good considering its atmospheric flow. The only thing I could suggest is a slow decrease in the bass EQ during the main break. It's pretty much a cross between jungle and liquid dnb, so you may want to lower the kick just a tinyyyy bit. other than that - flawless!

DJ Zatch

Azoic responds:

Thanks for the advice and the review!!


I mostly do music on Piano but i have some DNB too. I like the making of it how it comes like a one to me. Not in parts like Bass, Vocals and so on. Its like a like i dont know xDD. Good made i love racing on LFS with it ^^

Azoic responds:

Epic review, buddy. Thanks a lot!
I think I may just work with piano more & more in my music.

..Maybe it's the best instrument in the world?

- after drums.