Reviews for "[oove]Heartbeats [Azoic remix]"

Friggin' AWESOME!

This song is amazing. Nice and smooth transitions and it kept me interested the whole way. I do think the melody could have been a bit louder since I had to strain just a little bit to make sure I was hearing the whole song and not just the drums, but that might just be the cheap headphones I'm wearing. Great job!

Azoic responds:

teehee - you are not the first person to discuss loud drums on a track of mine. I thought that I'd paid attention to that on this tune.
I just hate swamped drums! They gotta punch right through.
listen through speakers or nicer headphones and let me know what you think!! :)
Thanks for the review.

This is

Nice! I'd never expected this when I clicked on this, I think you put the melody in such another way that it became a totally different song, still with the same melody!

Though I think the song is lacking some bass in the fast bits of the song.

the part I enjoy most is from 0:46 to 1:55. I feel the chords in the fast bit (1:56 to 3:21) makes it a bit too happy. You bring the wonderfull atmosphere back from 3:22 to the end, I just feel the bit from 1:56 to 3:21 is a bit out of place, but not enough to effect my score.

I really like the sound of the rock-ish drums (0:24 to 1:07) and I like the kick there esspecially, it melds great with the bass.

You've done a great job and kept my attention

5/5, 10/10, download

Azoic responds:

Wow, I was never expecting this review! :)

It does go from a melancholic chilled vibe to upbeat in the space of a bar. Perhaps to the detriment of the song. I just wanted it to 'kick in' but didn't want it to go the dark route I guess.

The lack of bassyness maybe due to that I'm still learning the 'mixdown & master' part of it all. Or perhaps you mean a decent bassline which I suppose it does lack.

Anyway, this is a great read. Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts. Appreciated!

Keep it the way it is, mmhmm

I think the dude below me means the base drum or what have you seems murky like the old Adult swim bump beats, but i like it. If not then what ever, I still love this song, piano is sweet and gives it a chill feel to such fast pace. love it, will DL.


See You Space Cowboy ~

Azoic responds:

Cheers bruddah. I appreciate that.


Really liked this!! I think the drums and bass could of used a little better mastering, but thats really not a huge deal. I really liked the piano, and it added loads of depth to the song.

I'm really not one for a chill dnb song, but I really liked this!!

Make more :O

Azoic responds:

Thanks! I would like to know what you mean by better mastering? Maybe send me a quick message if you have any specific ideas? I can always go back to it to improve it.
It's finding the inspiration to make more. Got any spare?