Reviews for "Pokemon Extreme!"

Saw this on YouTube before

It made me laugh out loud there, then I found it here on Newgrounds and just had to watch it in high quality. It still makes me laugh a lot, TomSka is the funniest man alive, continue your work Tom, you make people happy. Overall this deserves eleven if Newgrounds could go that high, but I'll have to give you ten.

how do u do it?

by now I must have seen every movie of yours and this yet another great addition. How did u know I'm a nintendo maniac? it seemed a coincidence that the funniest man alive made a movie on pokemon. Are u stalking me or somethin? lol, what a great movie, the pixel graphics on the poketrainer is a nice touch.


For the past couple of weeks i've been watching this every day and it never fails to make me laugh. The line, "This is the most angry a Bidoof has ever been!", has worked its way into my everyday speech. ;D


is me, i hate bidoofs, and a bibarel killed my wife and kids, my ugly ugly kids, whatever i have a girlfriend now so it dont matter


"He's throwing ninjas at me!" one of the most random and hilarious lines I've ever heard, you're good at this mate xD