Reviews for "Pokemon Extreme!"

Bad animation for your videos, and I dont really like this overall your other videos. Sorry, but 2 stars.

Suprisingly unfuny given the score

The animation was poor to almost nonexistent. The sprites and images you used were poor quality. Any of your own drawn work were also of poor quality and lacked any movement. Furthermore, the voice acting was sub-par and the story bizarre and random to say the least. A pokemon whom a man tries to catch throws weapons at him, summons ninjas, burns down his house. This is funny? In all honesty it might have been for me if you executed the idea correctly with well animated scenes and voice acting, but alas this short I give a score of 1 for an interesting story and at least some attempt.

This was just poorly done.

This one qas very poor. I could not sit through it all. The animation was of poor quality, and the voice acting was just terrible. There wasn't really any sort of a plot to it either.


WTF is wrong with you people this was terrible. Either everyone was as a kite or they complete imbeciles. This Flash made no sense if you at least have a IQ of an infant and seemed totally rushed. I rather have to wait 1-2 years for a really good flash than see this piece of crap a the time. Now here is where i think you can start improving. Besides setting aside more time to do the project try to get people who are good one thing and ask them to help you. If you have a good idea nine times out of ten people will want to be apart of your success. Another way to make better flashes is practice, practice, practice. I pretty sure that the best people on the site weren't Gods out of the womb. They wanted to be better so they practiced until they created a style that people enjoyed and was still them. I hope you don't get discouraged and decided to never do this again because there is promise in this flash just try to clean it up next time

sorry but no

i'm sorry but even as a satire this wasn't that funny. i like some of your other stuff but this kind of video is NG clutter, and is why i can't get any of my friends to like this site.