Reviews for "MonstersDen:Book of Dread"

All right More^^

I love these games thank you ^^

Better than the Original

Your original Monsters Den game was very exciting to play. You may recall all the positive reviews of a game that uniquely puts in custom gameplay, armor, weapons, and characters. The o' RPG strategy is a nice touch when executed properly.

The thing about the expansion is that you actually took some of our responses into consideration. For example, the SHOP was a definite nice add. Recommended upgrades for your characters made equipping them much easier. The addition of the enchantments was a great surprise for me. Adding the other campaigns just extended the whole experience of playing the game over with the extensions that much more interesting.

Although near perfection, the game does have those minor problems. I noticed a couple items out of place. For example, an epic cleric item was actually light armor when they normally wear heavy armor. A couple of recommended items were out of place. A few items were never recommended (cleric offhand) while others weren't really a priority (+25% resist poison over +6% instant kill).

The classes seemed balanced enough, although a couple just seemed to get in the way. I was saddened to see the conjuror was for the Kongregate website only. That class is way too cool to miss out while playing here on Newgrounds.

I don't know what else to add. You were just so quick to add more features to your original game.

so addictive

first two times i played i was frustrated like all of you. however, i learned quickly that your team and format makes a big diff.

im so hooked - i play all day now. beyond end game too!

here's some hints:
- CLERIC's are super important to fight undead. Rogues for speed.
- the most important attributes are life drain and damage reflection. make the enemies kill themselves, while draining them of life when you hit back.
- if you decide to use two rogues, keep one in front with dagger and one in back with bow.

i have other things, but i will not waste the fun. figure them out!

great job to the makers of this game!

great job Garin!

this expansion is awesome.i don't play it here,i do so at Kongregate,but i decided to leave a review here just to say how awesome this game is.it could be much better,but it still is very good as it is now.

i fully agree with A-Shift,you should turn this in a full-fledged RPG.this game has almost endless potential,you could turn your Monster's Den series into a truly epic Rpg game.think about it,i'm sure you can do it.

Wow!!!! just Wow!!!!!

this is the most addictive game I have ever played!!!!@!

I started at 6:00 and now its 1AM! I couldn't finish the last boss, the Corruptor, the Dark versions of my party had an advantage... Anyways this game is really great, by far the best RPG game there is on Newgrounds!