Reviews for "MonstersDen:Book of Dread"

Wow niceeee

Wow this game is very nice, one of the Best adventure games i've ever played. next i will try the class on Congrad, or what the site was names :P

Am I doing something wrong?

I have 4 guys with like 70HP each, and going against 4-6 guys with 200+HP and just as strong damage.
Am I missing something?

5/5 10/10 but...

nice game but...how to sell items? Thanx!!!

garin-dan responds:

You will find portal scrolls that let you teleport to the shop.

Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!!!

I was hugely addicted to the original Monsters' Den, and this game improves on it in almost every way! Everything's been expanded, refined, and tweaked to create a much more enjoyable experience. The shop is awesome -- it's incredibly useful to be able to pick and choose your armor and weapons, instead of being at the whim of random drops. I also like how you addressed complaints of the original game getting too repetitive, by adding little special events (like the wounded soldier or the exiled monster), as well as adding the "Legendary Monster" battles and changing the "Combined" levels to make you fight 2 bosses at once. The increased variety is definitely welcome!

I do have a few pieces of constructive criticism, however:
1) This is something many other people have said already, but I'll say it again anyway -- MAKE THE PORTAL SCROLL DROP MORE OFTEN!!! As it stands, every single time my inventory fills up, I have to wait, and wait, and WAIT, until the Portal Scroll finally drops, while deleting item after item in the meantime. You should really make the Scroll appear more frequently.
2) In the new Dreadfather campaign, one of the two items dropped by the final boss is a book that hugely boosts Intellect, which means it was obviously intended for a magic user. The problem is, it's an Offhand item, which means my Mage can't use it with a staff weapon! It basically FORCES the Mage to use a sword instead, which I really don't want to do. Same with the Conjurer. The only class that could feasibly use the book with his standard weapon (and who would actually benefit from it) is the Cleric, but then he's forced to give up his Tower Shield. So any way you slice it, I found the book to be completely useless -- and as a prize dropped by the final boss of the campaign, that really sucks.
3) Regarding the 2 new classes, I'm half-and-half. The Barbarian rocks -- a great combination of the Warrior's power and the Rogue's speed (although I still prefer the Warrior for my main melee fighter). The Conjurer, on the other hand, I didn't find all that useful. His only two summons that can actually fight well are the Direwolf and the Wargolem, and both of them need to be in the front row. Plus, the tip for the Wargolem ("good for forming a defensive wall") is totally useless -- you can only do that if all your main characters are in the back row, and I doubt anyone will ever want that arrangement. It WAS kinda cool to be able to instantly banish enemy summons, but beyond that I didn't much care for him.
4) In the original game, you had the Sacred Vestments, a Cleric-only robe that was LIGHT armor. I always thought it was ridiculous to expect him to give up the protection of heavy armor just for an Intellect boost. And now in this game, not only is the robe still there, but you added MORE pieces to the set! The only use I can think of for these items is if you want your Cleric to ONLY do healing, and forget about combat altogether.

Blown away.

As the title says, I'm blown away by how good this game is.

The graphics, whilst simple, work perfectly. Everything is clear and easy to read even with so much on screen at once.

The sound is brilliant and makes up for the lack of visual effects (when casting spells for example).

The characters are cool and the enemies are varied. Amazing amount of loot including weapons, armour, potions...etc to keep you playing.

The combat is fast and very simple to get to grips with.

It's a little thin on plot but the story between the levels draws you in just enough.

Over all it's a polished and very enjoyable experience if you like this sort of game. If you don't like this sort of game then you'll either hate it or you'll be converted.

Top marks all round.