Reviews for "MonstersDen:Book of Dread"


That's the best game ever......l liked the story it started with,the monsters were incredible and the character selection also.Furthermore the battles were really awesome and of course the graphics simply amazing.It's surely difficult to think such an original game and then to create it.
What should l say? it's simply amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well now that l think about it,it gives the impression of something like "Dungeons and Dragons"

Almost perfect!

l like very much this kind of games but, even if l didn't like them, this would make do so!
This game reminds me a lot of some D&D games but it isn't a rip-off.


not my game at all^^

but sooo well made O_o
the graphics... the atmosphere... the monsters... the gamplay...
nearly perfect <3

(sry 4 da bad english)

keep up tha good work man ;D

peaCe - OrKeN

Wow niceeee

Wow this game is very nice, one of the Best adventure games i've ever played. next i will try the class on Congrad, or what the site was names :P

My god !

What a very good game !! Like that !